A blueprint for integrating clean energy

We have the clean energy technology to halve emissions by 2030 and unlock huge consumer benefits. We now need simultaneous deployment ‘on-site, on-road, on-grid’.


Let’s integrate our energy systems

It’s time to pull this all together – on-site solar and storage; electrified cooling, heating and cooking; smart meters supporting both the grid and on-site energy management; EVs charging buildings and the grid and vice versa.

Designing and deploying energy supply and demand in integrated systems reduces costs, increases flexibility, and cuts emissions faster.

Integrate to Zero is a global philanthropic initiative that provides insights, supports deployment and advocates for scaling consumer-generated energy systems,  ‘on-site, on-road, on-grid’, so that integration happens more quickly and inclusively. We work collaboratively, linking global expertise with local implementors.

Together, we are changing what’s possible.


An energy transition breakthrough

A simpler, faster, cheaper clean energy transition

Consumers face complex, often transaction heavy processes when trying to adopt clean energy solutions. Not all technology is interoperable. Financing is often unattractive. And yet the economic opportunities for consumers are significant and payback times getting faster. Additionally, consumer (private) financing of clean energy systems can have public spillover benefits by reducing peak demands on grids, saving utility costs and reducing wholesale energy prices. Furthermore, scaling consumer systems can reduce emissions more quickly, supporting much needed urgent climate action.

Integrate to Zero is supporting collaboration and action between consumers, civil society, policy makers, the energy industry and investors. We are generating insights, supporting consumers, enabling markets and finding solutions for scaling action. By raising awareness, making energy system integration simpler and more inclusive we are helping deliver a breakthrough in the energy transition.



Provide Insights

We are providing research and data into economics, current pricing, policies and technologies for clean energy system integration.


Support consumers

We are engaging with energy consumers across multiple sectors of the economy, particularly the food and agriculture sectors, to understand and support procurement for on-site, on-road, on-grid integration.


Enable supply

We are discovering and connecting energy industry providers of integrated systems. We are supporting technology transfer and skills training in African countries. And we are assessing existing and ideal contracting options.


Scale deployment

We are identifying the policy packages that can scale integration on-site, on-road and on-grid. We are exploring how to make procurement simpler , how to de-risk and multiply finance, and how to mainstream energy system integration into climate multilateralism.

One ambitious goal


Our goal is to scale consumer-centric integrated energy systems ‘on-site, on-road, on-grid’ for more rapid emissions reductions, economic benefits and a more inclusive energy transition.

– Dan Hamza-Goodacre – Founder


Integrate with us


By integrating clean energy solutions we can break down siloes and enhance collaboration locally and globally. It is not ‘on’ versus ‘off’ grid but about optimal contributions of centralised and distributed energy sources in integrated systems through which energy can flow dynamically.

We would love to hear from you – your questions, ideas and the challenges you see in integrating clean energy systems for maximum consumer benefit.

Together we can Integrate to Zero.



Develop consumer-friendly policies that support energy system integration.


Civil society

Use energy system integration as a collaboration mechanism and focus on consumers to make the energy transition more inclusive.


Energy sector

Ensure interoperability and make solutions simpler for customers.


Energy customer

Engage, demonstrate, and demand the integration opportunity.



Support better deals for energy consumers, directly or in partnership with suppliers.

Together, we can Integrate to Zero

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Our support for breakthrough action

Integrate to Zero ‘Insights’ are providing answers to vital questions such as:

What types of products and contracts are available? Which government policies incentivise integration? Who are the leading suppliers? How do we identify the largest economic opportunities and latest market prices? And which technologies talk to each other the most? 

Read our case studies, resources and evidence to see how Integrate to Zero works in practice.

About Us

Our partners

Providing essential support, collaboration and action

From research to policies and technology demonstrations, our partners are already delivering a blueprint for consumer-centric clean energy systems integration on-site, on-road, on-grid.   


“As markets for sustainable energy evolve and mature, the next explosion of delivery will come from technologies, business models and financing mechanisms that are powering integrated systems for decentralised energy. Ashden is proud to partner with Integrate to Zero to champion innovation in this area.”

Giles Bristow – Director of Programmes

Climate Group

“For the energy transition to be successful, we need to move away from thinking in siloes to systems. Integrate to Zero will help to showcase what holistic approaches to clean energy systems look like, opening up new opportunities for corporate climate leadership.”

Mike Peirce – Executive Director, Systems Change

Cornwall Insight

“As our technology choices and energy sources shift over the next decade, engaging consumers, businesses and policy makers in creating a smarter, more integrated energy system is essential to achieving our net zero goals. The Integrate to Zero initiative will be vital in achieving that.”

Andrew Enzor – Managing Consultant


“Efficio are delighted to be part of Integrate to Zero and its role in promoting pragmatic, scalable ways of accelerating commercially viable green energy solutions globally.”

Edward Cox – Principal

Frontier Economics

“Achieving the transition to Net Zero will involve a number of changes to our energy system and how we use it. Combining some coordination with the right market signals helps avoid wasteful investment and promotes least cost low carbon solutions. Findings from the Integrate to Zero initiative will help us do that.”

Matthew Bell – Project Director


“We need to rapidly decarbonise our energy systems to reach net zero, but are being held back by siloed thinking and poor planning. Communicating the value of integrating to zero can spark an energy system revolution – connecting policy-makers, investors, innovators and communities to accelerate decarbonisation on site, on grid and on road.”

Phillip Armstrong – Head of Energy & Clean Tech

Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP)

“To achieve global climate goals and decarbonise national economies, we need to act faster, now. RAP is pleased to collaborate with Integrate to Zero to work towards a clean, reliable, equitable, and cost-efficient energy future.”

Richard Sedano – CEO of RAP


“The work of Integrate to Zero is essential in developing ideas and solutions for decarbonisation, which are efficient, self-sustaining and scalable. They also need to mobilise and engage the private sector to deliver change that can benefit both the market and the environment.”

Daniel Magallón – Managing Director
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